3V Vertikalna pumpa za vodu

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This 3V vertical submersible low power water pump is an ideal solution for creating a small indoor water feature or as part of a plant watering system. At the heart of the pump is a 3V DC motor that runs quietly and only draws approximately 100mA.

The pump needs priming before use and should be kept fully submerged during use as it will only pump water not air. Also, it only works in one direction as a pump, you cannot reverse the connections and have it move water in the other direction.

It's 3V, 100mA power requirements are such that you could use a microcontroller with suitable drive capacity to switch it on or off.  As the new micro:bit now has 200mA available for powering external devices, this pump can be powered directly by the micro:bit V2.

The micro:bit can only drive 15mA from its pins, so a transistor or FET is required to control it from the pins, either in an on/off capacity, or, with PWM to vary pumping rate. If using the original micro:bit or if the microbit is already controlling other devices, this pump can also be powered and controlled via a motor driver board, or similar.

This pump is not supplied with any tubing.


  • Vertical type submersible pump.
  • Operating power requirements are; 3V and 100mA.
  • Low noise DC motor.
  • Can be controlled with a simple on/off switch or microcontroller/motor driver board.
  • Ideal for small water features or plant watering systems.
  • A flow rate of 80L/H @ 3V and 100L/H at 4.5V.


  • 1 x 3V Vertical Submersible Water Pump.



  • Silicon tubing


  • Length: 38.5mm.
  • Width: 23.9mm.
  • Height: 42.6mm.

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