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Prikazi na sajtu su informativnog karaktera i zadržavamo pravo promene podataka na sajtu bez prethodne najave.

Stand out from the crowd with these simple yet stylish laser cut covers for the :GAME ZIP 64. They are more than just an aesthetically pleasing add-on for our very popular hand-held microbit gaming platform. Though that might be your main reason for wanting one!

The covers also serve to protect sensitive parts of the board from accidental damage.

They are quick and easy to fit and come with all of the necessary parts to fit them directly to your :GAME ZIP 64.

Stylish Orange Perspex covers for the :GAME ZIP 64 for the micro:bit.
They offer a degree of protection for the board and the components on it from damage.
Quick and easy to fit.

1 x Orange Perspex cover for the :GAME ZIP 64.
4 x 5mm Nylon Standoffs.
4 x M3 Nylon Hex Nut
4 x 16mm M3 Nylon Screws.

Length: 155mm.
Width: 60mm.
Height: 3mm.

:GAME ZIP 64 for the BBC micro:bit.

Buy British:
UK flag  This product is designed and manufactured in the UK by Kitronik.

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