Klaw MK2 komplet robotska hvataljka

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The Kitronik Klaw MK2 Robotic Gripper Kit is the latest version of the original and popular Kitronik Klaw and is a great addition to any robotics or buggy project.

It has been carefully redesigned so that it is now also compatible with both the MOVE:mini Mk1 and Mk2. On Mk1 it can be mounted to the boot lid and on the MK2 it can be added to both the boot lid and the base plate. Extra holes were added and a slight change to the part which holds the servo was made to facilitate this.

It is controlled by a low voltage servo which is included, this servo is used to open and close the Klaw.

At the rear of the unit are mounting points allowing it to be bolted to other items, such as buggies or robotic arms. Supply voltage: 3V to 6V. Supplied as a set of parts that require simple assembly, see the resources section below for build instructions.

Easily add a gripping Klaw to any robotics project.
It is compatible with both :MOVE mini Mk1 and MK2.
Servo powered opening and closing with the servo included as a part of the kit.
Easy to assemble.

1 x Mini 180 Degree Servo With Accessories.
5 x Laser Cut Perspex Parts.
1 x M3 Steel Washers.
2 x M3 x 16 Pozi PanSteel.
2 x M2 x 16 Pozi PanSteel.
Printed Assembly Instructions.

Closed Length: 85mm.
Closed Width: 70mm.
Open Length: 45mm.
Open Width: 125mm.
Height w/servo: 38mm.



Buy British:
This product is designed and manufactured in the UK by Kitronik.

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